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We helped launch this new women’s shoe brand with more than just a product name, packaging, collateral, a give-back program and a website. But it was our creation of a brand persona that all women could relate to that really brought it all together. Meet Lila.

Feel Good. Do Good.

Lila is all about feeling good on the inside, as well as the outside. So it’s only natural that we helped put together a program that lets women everywhere do just that. Our Feel Good. Do Good. program allows women to “feel good” with Lila spa-comfortable and stylish shoes, as well as  “do good” by providing a donation redemption code with each Lila purchase. This $10 code was placed inside each box of Lila shoes and can be redeemed for a $10 donation towards a women’s cause of the purchaser’s choice (from a participating list). The results? Let’s just say the client isn’t the only one who is very happy with this program.

Ecommerce Website

After we got into the mindset of women, it was time to reach them where they live—online. The client wanted to make these shoes readily available to women everywhere. And what better way to do that than by creating an ecommerce website. Our goal was to make it friendly, colorful and accessible, just like the women who wear them. Mission accomplished.

Lila PackagingPackaging

Lila is all about the experience. That’s why everything about the buying experience had to be special—including the packaging. With the packaging, the client wanted to emphasize the idea of “spa comfort” and also promote the “Feel Good. Do Good.” campaign.  So we came up with the idea of including a lavender sachet in every box to underscore the “spa” essence and serve as a constant reminder of the brand. Every time women see the sachet in their drawer or closet, they think of Lila. In addition we developed a brochure promoting the “Feel Good. Do Good.” campaign and housing the $10 redemption code. Both the sachet and the brochure were placed in each shoebox—making women feel good and do good before they even put on the shoes.

Direct-To-Consumer Catalog

Even in the digital age, there’s something to be said for a printed catalog and there’s a lot to be said for this one. We created the Lila direct-to-consumer catalog with women in mind, so it’s smart and sophisticated, with a playful side. Used alone or in combination with the website, this catalog allows us to feature the latest products, new colors and special offers—all while keeping in the style and voice that’s uniquely Lila.

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  • August 2014
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