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We helped SureGrip grab a bigger share of the non-slip shoe market by showing that safety and style are not mutually exclusive. Combining top brands with their exclusive patented sole, the company needed to reach decision makers in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and anywhere there’s wet slick surfaces. And they have.

SureGrip Leave Behind

Sales Call Leave-Behind

The sales team at SureGrip needed a multi-functional collateral piece to fulfill the prospecting needs of their growing business. And, the marketing department wanted a modular solution so the piece could be easily and inexpensively updated as the business evolves.

Our solution: an interchangeable embossed and varnish screw-post bound modular piece with inserts that can be easily changed, depending on the business need.

The Sales Call Leave-Behind became an integral tool in the sales process for the SureGrip Sales Team. It’s uses include direct mail, sales presentation tool and trade show collateral.

SureGrip Website

Ecommerce Website

The online experience is a major consideration for a brand like SureGrip, built on innovation and cutting-edge technology. SureGrip wanted an ecommerce site that was a direct reflection of their brand’s core values and attributes.

This new site needed to not only deliver their Brand DNA and provide a user-friendly experience, but also accommodate their complex business-model which includes different pricing options and product descriptions based on the employer of the end user.

SureGrip Showroom

Corporate Showroom Interior Design

The SureGrip Showroom in Nashville, Tennessee is bustling with activity. This prime space is always in use, whether new customers are in for a meeting with management or the internal team is hosting a meeting or a presentation.

SureGrip asked The Million Group to create a showroom design that would foster creativity, energy and excitement. We did just that by creating a space that is synonymous with the SureGrip brand, even including a wall covered in the SureGrip patented tread design.

Spring 2017 SureGrip Catalog

Consumer Catalog & Brochures

Who says slip-resistant footwear has to be boring? Not us. These 40 page catalogs and 16 page brochures feature beautiful product photography and compelling copy to engage, inform and inspire the viewer. The cornerstone of the marketing program, the catalog is sent to over 60,000 customers monthly, keeping them up- to-date with the brands ever-changing product assortment. The smaller 16 page brochures are sent to niche customers who have interest in specific product categories and not the complete assortment the catalog would provide.

Spring 2017 SureGrip Brochures

Employee & Corporate Customer 6-Panel Brochures


iPad Sales Tool Application

Customizable iPad Application

We all know how hard it is to get noticed. You have to look your best and stand-out from the crowd.

We did just that, creating a prospecting package that includes a 4-minute customized ipad presentation and personalized letter, housed in a unique box. This prospecting package delivered to high-tier key decision makers in SureGrip’s target audience delivers an unexpected level of engagement and customization.

SureGrip Purl

Customizable Prospecting Presentation Box

Who knew a shoe box could be recycled for something other than creating a diorama?

We did. We took the SureGrip standard shoe box and made it the backbone of one of our prospecting tools.

Prospects receive a single SureGrip shoe, with a letter containing a link to a PURL (personalized URL) asking them to go online and schedule an in-person sales meeting to learn more about SureGrip and receive the mate to their shoe. A catalog as well as an iPad can also be housed in the box, depending on the tier of the target.

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