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Artisan crafters of fine wooden shutters and hand-forged hardware, Timberlane takes pride in what they do and rightly so. We helped them not only tell their story in print and on-line but made it easy for customers to enhance the beauty and value of their homes. And that’s worth a lot.

Timberland ads

Print Ads

This new print campaign, “Historical Makers”, successfully met the client’s desire to not depart from past successes but to build on them. Humor infused with historical undertones was a strong fit for this brand. We introduced well-recognized historical markers as an opportunity for the brand to simultaneously use history, humor and discriminating taste to their advantage. The light-hearted voice of the campaign provides the perfect platform to address the quality, style and superiority of Timberlane.

Timberlane Website

Ecommerce Website

Similar to the catalog, the website needed to be updated based on the new brand positioning and provide a better, more-organized experience for the end user.

Timberlane Catalog

Consumer Catalog

Timberlane needed help reorganizing their catalog. The existing piece was extremely informative but was dense and hard for readers to navigate. Based on our new positioning, we created a new pagination for the book that helped tell the strong Timberlane brand story, focusing on the craftsmanship, technology and customer’s who embrace the brand. We introduced profiles at the beginning of each catalog section to highlight the artisians, builders and customers who are integral to the brand. These profiles not only helped organize the book, but provided a closer look into Timberlane.

Timberlane Book

Branding & Positioning

Timberlane, a high-end shutter company, came to us with the task of helping reposition themselves in changing marketing place and economy. We answered their call by getting back to the brands roots and what truly differentiates them from the competition—their one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and their high-end customer base with impeccable taste.

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  • January 2014
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